Enjoy the Best PVP System

Welcome Gift

You will obtain the following gifts.

Character create get Newbie Chest

Reach Level 20 and get 250k Gold

Reach Level 40 and get 250k Gold

Reach Level 55 and get 1 day VIP card

Reach Level 85 and get 7 day VIP card

Reach Level 90 and get 1x Darken 3 Helm

Reach Level 95 and get 1x Darken 3 Boot

Reach Level 100 and get 1x Darken 4 Glove

Reach Level 120 and get 2 Mil Gold & 99x Mapko Coins

Reach Level 125 and get random Darken 3 or 4 Armor

Game Trailer

MaPko classic server with new class and awesome new features & systems, seat your belt and enjoy the deal!

Lighting Features

New six amazing class, read more click here

New Items, Equipment, Pet, Wings, Maps, and more

Full free system play to win 24/7 online no bugs/no dupe

Weekly/Monthly Updates, and Events

TOP 10 PVP killer get gift every Sunday

Stay online gift with letter system

Max Level 130, and max pet level 200 and max rebirth 4

Weekly guild war with register system and awesome gift check forum for map drops click here

Many different boss with awesome gifts check forum for more info click here

World Boss summon 6 AM & 6 PM server time which gift people handsomely

Automatic Events and More new stuff come join now