M A P K O Best TOP/PKO Server ever!

Game Features

Max Lv.130 (Easy)

Max Fairy Lv.200 (Easy)

Darken 1-2-3-4-5-6 Items

Fairy Exp from Killing Monsters

Online Time Redeem/Stay Online Gift/Daily Gift

Battle Royal Survival world Demonic World

All in one Npc & New Wings & New Fairy & New Glow System

Chat Command using /cmd

Event Exchanger/Guild Token Exchanger/World Boss Exchanger

New Gems from Farming ingame

Play to win full system everything is farmable

New Summon Boss system once killing certain monsters /binfo command to check

Easy catch up with Balanced Battle maps to enjoy pvp with the weakest you got

Chaos Argent with 2 Floor Pro and Newbies

Guild war weekly with register

Many new maps with awesome features easy and enjoyable

Many Different welcome gift/Mapko Exchanger to exchange Mapko coin into items

No Lag 24/7 Online Advanced website & Launcher All produced and brought to you here by our team

Game Trailer

MaPko classic server with new class and awesome new features & systems, seat your belt and enjoy the deal!

Lighting Features

New six amazing class, read more click here

New Items, Equipment, Pet, Wings, Maps, and more

Full free system play to win 24/7 online no bugs/no dupe

Weekly/Monthly Updates, and Events

TOP 10 PVP killer get gift every Sunday

Stay online gift with letter system

Max Level 130, and max pet level 200 and max rebirth 4

Weekly guild war with register system and awesome gift check forum for map drops click here

Many different boss with awesome gifts check forum for more info click here

World Boss summon 6 AM & 6 PM server time which gift people handsomely

Automatic Events and More new stuff come join now