[Update v86]

[Update v86] - Fixed leaf island death lifes
- Added Covid chairs to NPC for the current event item it wont be added anymore again
- Lookism npc got new items (buy them now its limited)
- Added new system to pet npc to transfer fairy level
- Removed AGI from Battlepower calculation it seems that was the cause of fast growing
- Limited Beast Atk speed to level 75 beast
- Increased max beast level to 85
- Some people might wonder what the use of Beast Poss it give you the ability to block some attacks by chance
- Didn't have to reduce the attack speed after fixing all
- EPVP got fixed but there a chance to get only earring or material and a chance to get both
- Changed [SS] Supreme box into Donate Gift Box and changed rewards to below Double click to obtain 50,100,200,300,600,900 PWP Coin Pieces|300,600,900,1200,1800 [S]Magic Beast Seed|10,15,30,60,90 Lookism Box|10,15,30,60,90 T6 Box|1,2,3 [SS+]Pinky Glow(pinky)|Full [SS] Darken Set (3x)|5,10,15,30,45 [SR] EarringBox + Earring Material.
- Tire-6 Box got small edits
- Other minor bugs and problem were solved