[Update v94.1]

- Increased drop of money for phy class in worldboss to be same as magic class in the time
- Changed Meteorites drop money into 300k static and max player who join map into 5 per ip
- Added Choco Event drop to Meteorites every 7mins digging u can get 5 Choco and in day u can get around 1k
- Freed Demon class limited atk speed and reduced it some other edits to new classes to balance them
- Increased Reborn Cake drop from T7 box
- Reduced class change in new class price from 2 Stone into only 1
- Still fixing some character actions so the final patch for that will be added soon * some skills now got delay so please be patiant for the latest update for that
- Increased Tree health into 650 rather 65
- Added teleport point at farmer npc to the Meteorites area