Update v97

[Update v97] - Added new Recycle npc * Included with 2 new coins for recycling old update stuff * In the same npc you can exchange for benefits * Things will be placed here when not needed in future
- Added new concept for the title necks and moved the titles to new slot with apparel you can unseal them through the Recycle npc
- FC mob drop 2x SR Hero rather SS Hero Medals
- Removed Craft and Cast items
- New Reborn Box to Chaos Npc/Guild Npc/Event Npc
- Newbie Mission #12 have got 50x Reborn Cakes
- Newbie Mission #13 have update giving 150x Reborn Cake and 80x Aurora Chests
- Reborn Cakes are tradable now
- Tower combiner success rate *18-24 50% Chance *25-27 30% Chance
- Earring MaxCombine level now is +21
- Max Beast Level now is 100 and added new fruit specially for leveling up past lvl 90 * you can buy from event npc, worldboss event npc, or chaos npc
- Better gold reward from RP Missions
- Better gold drop to CA2/BH2 * Make it drop 100M rather 10M Notes but same amounts other than the changes to Floor2 * Added pirate banner drop to RP Mission with CA progress
- Added new SR Gears Darken #9 and new Event Hat
- Demon Curse effect is static for a time so it won't be spammed, and curse power on self will be always level 1(less self harm)
- Monk and Angel Deal more dmg on demons using their skills outside Chaos Maps * Angel Ray (dmg based on skill level) * Iron Fist (static 8% MxHp Dmg) * I didn't test it so please let me know if its good or bad * Only work on non Chaos Map
- Donate Box new Drops : 50,100,200,300,600,900 PWP Coin Pieces|25,50,75,100,200 LevelUp Cakes|1,2,3,4,5x [MSR]Reborn Box|1,2,3,4,5 [MSR] EarringBox|25,50,75,150,300 [SS] Magic Beast Fruit|15,30,60,75,100 T7 Box|1,2,3 [SS+]Pinky Glow(pinky)

- Added bonus money rewards on pvp kills at Chaos Maps
Update v97.1
From last update forget to mention that max Hero lvl is 250 now
Added more SR Hero Medal drop to Tomb/FC/DI
TOMB quest have got a boost on rewards SR Hero Medals + Bil + Elven Fruits
Chaos Npc Got boost on rewards
Event npc got back Supreme Medals
Fixed pet transfer and made it do transfer from slot 3-4 like reforge command
Added pet fix option at pet npc from last update
added Supreme Medals to Elven Fruits npc
Fc/DI Respawn time is lower
Added more stuff to recycle npc
Fixed other minor bugs and problems

Update v97.2
This night there will be server inspection at 2 PM server time or around that time
Kill limit in DI 2 will be 4k mobs and 400 boss to prevent the no spawn bug
Angel Wish Aoe Cooldown increased to 28 second and their single target stun from 50% success to 75%
if you got more suggestions please share them with me (another thing please no more talks about class balance or change) Increased Drop from DI 1 and their summon time is less (mobs)
Increased money drop from TOMB
Added Hi-Amp to all in one npc
Added Ring App to Event Npc Moon Crystals
Fixed Pet npc wont cause bugs
Increased VOL Elite Mobs Drop
Supreme Rebirth Quest at Hafta Island got new rewards