Stun Fail? Read this!

Hi, all some people recently complain about the new stun system, and that it fail to stun 90% times.

[Why it fail]
- before explain how to make it success I will explain why it fail, It fail because you guys trying to stun someone when your distance is still in system recorded far from him, the point of adding that is to disable mud user from stunning attacking people from distance as u guys saw some people can aim attack you.

- All you have to do is to use the right stun on the right moment
[Short distance stun]2 Meters away stun, Like shadow slash, ninja slash, pirate fence, monk fire breath
[Medium distance stun]6 Meters away stun, Like Ninja Bomb
[Long distance stun] 10 Meters away stun, Like Flash bomb
- A smart player will use long or medium distance first then short distance or use short distance when is sure that he and the player he is fighting are nearby