update v66

Update v66
- Fixed Battlepower Detection, New Battle Power Calculation check /cmd help bp to see updated BP
- New Earring [SS] add 25 states every level
- Added new Recycle items cmd which is /cycle * Tire-2 wings and App Wings * UGV I * Fa Stone * Ice Hearts * Moon Wings * Earrings, only SS not
- Max Refine wing now +27 (Ter stone added in cycle Fa stones)
- New [S] Darken Gears chance to get from ice hearts cycle, Tire-5 Box by 5% Chance to get part
- Elf Edit (+ATK)
- Pirate Edit (+ATK & +HIT & +ATSPEED & -DODGE)
- Sharp Edit (+ATSPEED)
- New Coin (BOSS coin) drop from various bosses and can be exchanged for benefits from All in one npc
- New Monster/BOSS drops check forum
- Fixed some bugs in Ranking and Weekly pvp god (need test in weekly yet)
- CA2/BH2 have 1 IP Limit by CharName
- Beast Exchange Shop, World Boss exchange Shop have been updated
- new commands in cmds and more organized with new command to guide newbies
- Legendary Tree with new Drops (chance to get Tire-5 Box)
- Faster Beast Levelup 99x Bulk with bonus request SoulStone Box if price more than 500 SS and ask for SS as small portion cover the change